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Carbon Fiber Pultruded Profile

Carbon Fiber Pultruded Profile

    • Carbon Fiber Pultruded Profile
Product Details

carbon fiber composite material is made from carbon fiber imported from Japan and special resin ,such as epoxy resin, vinyl resin, polyester resin. The yarn tension keeps evenly and stable. The excellent properties of carbon fiber and resin matrix are combined into much more excellent engineering structure materials and special functional materials. Because of its high strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and good thermodynamic properties, it has been widely used as structural materials ,high temperature resistant and ablative materials. in field of aeronautical, high speed train, high performance carbon fiber bearing, wind blade, sports equipment etc.


Standard shape : Carbon fiber pultruded plate, Carbon fiber pultruded tube, Carbon fiber pultruded rod,  Carbon fiber pultruded channel.

Customized shape available

We are Designer——Manufacturer——Cooperator

What you need best——More Professional

What we supply:

Pultrusion——SMC&BMC molding——Testing——Fabrication


• Chemical Processing     

• Onshore/Offshore

• Reduced install time

• Refrigeration     

• Sewage treatment

• Marine applications    

• Traffic Engineering

• Generator’s, switchgear    

• Desalination plants

• FRP Structures, assemblies 

• Wind Energy

• Cable Ladder assembly


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